The Perfect Wedding Gift

Have you ever received a wedding invitation from a relative or 
friend you haven't seen for some time and experienced...

the wedding gift dilemma?

What can you send someone you really don't see often enough to know what they'd appreciate? The simple solution is provided with the concept behind Bridal Registry. Couples register their preferred items with local department stores, and gift buyers can wisely choose the best possible item the couple desires. Why not register for professional wedding photography services too?


The Bridal Registry options of today are very different than in the past. Current wedding couples may have been housekeeping for a number of years and no longer require the usual household items.


This is why WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT REGISTRY is an exciting idea! It allows family, friends and guests to purchase certificates which the bride and groom can use toward their wedding photography. Even better, it can help you increase your budget for photography services while offering a convenient gift-giving solution for your guests. We offer unique photography gift-giving certificates, which can be used toward the purchase of special added photography features. Your gift will not only be well-received, but will provide a life-long artistic memory! 


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Family is the most important thing in our lives, so it is important to share what they mean to you! Family plays a very significant role on your wedding day, so why wouldn’t we want to capture that? You can devote a special time for family wedding photos, for example immediately after ceremony. Get some ideas for wonderful family photos, here:


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Why We Started Our Photography Business



We constantly get questions on why we started our photography business and we thought what better way to share our story, but through a blog post.


We love photography and video the most because it has an immense power of creating & then sharing an emotion through visuals. You can’t capture that any other way.


Our love for photography and videos started over 20 years ago with getting our Masters in Photography and Audiovisual Communications. Since then, we started our business in hopes of bringing our expertise and love for photography and video to life.  


We love capturing life’s moments starting from the moment you get engaged to maternity pictures, and we even do family and pet photos and videos as well!


Photography and Video is our passion and what we live for. We would love to share our passion with you!  

Spread the word of Accent Photography and Video through Social Media!

At Accent Photography and Video, we have such a large fan base. Because we have such a large fan base, we love to share photos post engagement and wedding sessions. Not only can you find your photos on Facebook and Instagram, but we also create a special board just for you on Pinterest. What’s great about posting on our social media sites is that you don’t have to personally upload your pictures on your social media sites but rather just share our posts with your friends. We have constantly received requests from potential clients asking for ideas and what’s great is that we refer them to our social media sites to take a look at your photos for ideas! 9 times out of 10 the brides get inspiration from past photos that we have posted. Help us by spreading the word of the great work of Accent Photography and Video through social media! 

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Happy Sharing :)


How To Best Prepare For a Shoot

This blog post is intended for potential engagement portrait sessions with Accent Photography and Video.

How soon before our wedding should we have the engagement shoot?

The answer really depends on how you intend to use the photos.

Typically, couples want to use at least one of the photos for their save-the-dates – in this case sooner is better.  If you don’t care about save-the-dates, your next consideration should be location. If you have a specific place in mind, perhaps a spot that’s special to you both, that location may look better at certain times of year more than others. At Accent Photography and Video, we have a studio on site. 


Where should we have our engagement session?

If you don’t already have a place in mind that’s special to you both, we have a studio on site. We refer to it as our 'portrait park'. We have various trees, benches, tall grass, farm fencing & a hill top that overlooks the valley. Couples can also use the studio rest room for changing clothes.


What should we wear?

Since most of our engagement shoots happen outdoors, and we like to experiment with a variety of poses. We recommend casual clothing, no crazy patterns or logos. If we’re shooting in the forest, don’t wear really dark colors unless you have a ninja-themed engagement shoot. You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy, but it would be cool if there was some subtle stylistic connection between you both – perhaps your scarf matches his undershirt – be creative. Ladies, feel free to bring multiple tops or outfits. Feel free to bring a bag with a couple outfit options along, but be prepared to constantly pick it up and put it down throughout the shoot. Guys, don’t wear a shirt one size too small, even if it does make you look tough; it will make some poses feel awkward because you won’t have full arm mobility.


Can we show you some poses we want to recreate from bridal magazines / Pinterest / Google Images?

We consider ourselves to be quite creative, but there’s so much inspiration out on the web. At Accent Photo and Video, we believe in the co creation process with the couple and encourage you to come with ideas and we can plan accordingly

Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding Photographer

Before your big day, get the answers to your big questions.

By: Sherri Tybur 


Wedding Photography is one of many big decisions you will have to make leading up to the big day. Regardless of if you are hiring Accent Photography and Video or another studio, here are a few questions to help you find the perfect fit.

1. How many weddings have you shot and have you shot ones similar to mine?

As a husband and wife team, we have been in business for over 20 years. You can say that we have shot more weddings that you can count on both hands. Our portfolio contains weddings ranging from traditional American style to a traditional Chinese wedding. You can say that we have done it all!


2. How would you describe your photography style?

At Accent Photography and Video, we define our style as a balance of fun and traditional along with lots of candid shots. We work with each couple’s vision to capture their day.


3. Have you shot at my venue(s) before?

We have been all around the Maryland, DC, VA, and PA areas over the past 20 years. Most likely we have been to your venue and know the lighting needs. If not, we are happy to visit the venue. 


4. What makes you different from other photographers?

We have great customer service! Our clients are very important to us and we want to make sure that you walk away with a big smile. 


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Great Reviews

Fall is here & the busy wedding season is still going strong. We have already had some great weddings & great reviews on Wedding Wire & The Knot from past bride & grooms'. We love to hear what our couples have to say. Of course the rave reviews makes us feel good, but any constructive feedback is just as important so we can strive to be even better at what we do.