Every Wedding Is Going To Be Different

After photographing  weddings for so many years, I have to stand by my motto that every wedding will always be different. Wheather the venue set up is different, or the food combinations are prepared by different chefs, to the choice of music that is chosen. However in the case of one of my weddings that stands out will prove my motto. The bride was uniquely dressed in a beautiful "red" dress with a train almost as long as Princess Diana's. The groom was also unique with his top hat nicely coordinated with his tuxedo and a red vest to match her dress. This was a couple who were fun & outgoing & wanted their wedding to reflect who they were & their personalities. From a photographers stand point, it was alot of fun not only capturing the details & moments of the wedding day, but the fun I had afterwards in the editing stage where I got to be creative with all the special effects making the photos even more exciting. 

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