Stepping Out Of The Box

I titled this as "stepping out of the box" because although I know that all weddings are different, some just actually get my attention. I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely couple last weekend at The Wine Market. Not your "traditional" wedding venue, but that's what was so unique about it. If you don't know the couple you're working with, then you never know how or why they choose certain things. I always try to ask my couples about themselves as individuals & as a couple. For this couple, the venue is a place that they frequently go to & enjoy together. It's kind of like a "Cheers" where you go & everyone knows your name. It seems like  I'm seeing more & more couples stepping away from tradition. I've had the opportunity to work at some great new sites.  But make no mistake, the traditional wedding can be made unique to each couple as well.... from the decorations, menu selection, choice of music, theme etc. No matter how or where a couple chooses to marry, it's always about them starting a new life together & sharing it with family & friends & allowing me to capture every moment of it....of course!

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